Quiero Creedence — Various Artists
(Concord Picante)

QueiroCreedence_RGBA tremolo-soaked guitar kicks off a swampy version of “Corre Por La Jungla (Run through The Jungle)” by Bunbury reminds you that the songs John Fogerty wrote for Creedence Clearwater Revival never go out of style. Only now you get to hear them with a different accent ­— rock en espanol y ingles. A variety of artists sink their guitar picks into some serious classic rock.

Highlights include bilingual workouts by Ozomatli (with horns) on “Bad Moon Rising and a duet between ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and La Santa Cecilia’s La Marisoul on “Green River.” Los Lonely Boys turn in an urgent version of “Born On The Bayou” and Los Lobos come out smokin’ on “Bootleg.”