Moonshock: Walk To The Fire,
2xLP (S-S)

Like many of the greatest rock groups of all-time (Stooges, Velvet Underground, Brainbombs? (yes, Brainbombs)), Monoshock were largely ignored during their tenure. Those who dug ‘em, dug ‘em hard. Those who didn’t now claim to have dug ‘em just as hard. Many of the best underground psych/punk/noise rock groups of today were influenced by Monoshock and thanks to S-S their sole, long out-of-print 1996 double LP will have another chance to blow minds this summer. I’m stoked for them. I tried my darndest to get Monoshock to reissue this record on Permanent for years. Kudos to the venerable and deserving S-S Records for securing the rights.