Beatles vs. Beattles

Beatles vs. Beattles Mystery Solved?

This existence of these tapes had not been verified since late 1964. By Mike Vague A recent discovery sheds a new theory about the infamous VJ 498 misspelling! A long-lost Beatles master tape provides strong evidence about how ...
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Frank Sinatra-2-Frank Sinatra Enterprises

Francis Albert Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim Expanded 50th Anniversary Edition

CD & Digital Commemorative Edition Adds Two Bonus Tracks; Remastered Album Also Available on 180-gram Vinyl LP & Exclusive, Limited Edition Blue Vinyl LP By Harvey Kubernik Frank Sinatra’s acclaimed 1967 album with Br...
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Buffalo Bill Speaks!

Recordings of William Cody, Knute Rockne and Miss Hattie Nevada (who?) are just a few examples from the world of vintage Personality records By Kurt Nauck Last month we looked at the world of Classical and Operatic 78rpm record...
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Vintage Grooves

Before the birth of Vinyl Junkies there were (and still are) the “Shellaholics” By Kurt Nauck The fact that vinyl junkies and shellacoholics are mutually distinct populations certainly does not qualify as Record Col...
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The Penguins Earth Angel

The Bird Group Era 1950-1962

What A Great Era It Was! by Eddie Estrada t inspired the black vocal groups to no end: groups like the early Robins, Orioles, Larks, Ravens and Flamingos, to mention a few. Almost any bird you can think of had a group named aft...
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T.H.E. Show Newport Beach is an audiophile’s paradise. And the pool is nice, too.

T.H.E. Show Newport and Zappa Reissues

T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2013 Wrap-up As someone who loves bright shiny amazing looking and sounding stereo equipment, I couldn’t wait for the 3rd annual T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2013. I don’t get to go to a lot of these ...
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beatles come to atomic + jane asher

Musical Gift Ideas for Collectors

TURN UP THE RADIO Tis the season! We don’t even have to think about which wall calendar to score each year, it’s always John Tefteller’s Blues Images Blues Calendar. As added incentive, the 2015 version includes an amazin...
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Afflicted Man Punk Rock

The Afflicted Man

The Steve Hall Story by Lance Baresi  don’t recall how I first learned of Afflicted Man, but I do know that the instant I heard the music, I was infatuated. I immediately tracked down all the Afflicted Man records and procee...
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The Smiths

The Smiths and Morrissey

A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO COLLECTING By Raymond Elliot ~  The 1986 Smiths’ album, The Queen Is Dead is the “greatest album of all time,” according to the October 2013 issue of Britain’s NME magazine, in their list of The To...
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