Burger Records

Succulent Sounds

BURGER RECORDS: STORE, LABEL, EVENT PROMOTER AND HOME OF THE COMPACT CASSETTE RESURGENCE By Michael Enzor These days, record stores abound in Southern California. In Orange County alone (according to these pages) there are at l...
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Good Rockin’ in the Desert

Check out this You Tube trailer for Bob Morritt’s new book about the history of early rock and roll out of Arizona.
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Ty Segall

What’s all the Fuzz About?

INDIE LABEL TROUBLE IN MIND CONFOUNDS RECORD NERDS WITH A MYSTERIOUS RELEASE By Maya Eslami Last fall, Chicago’s independent record label, Trouble In Mind received an anonymous email submission from a San Francisco band by th...
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The Smiths

The Smiths and Morrissey

A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO COLLECTING By Raymond Elliot ~  The 1986 Smiths’ album, The Queen Is Dead is the “greatest album of all time,” according to the October 2013 issue of Britain’s NME magazine, in their list of The To...
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Oracle Turntable

Divine Revelation

THE ORACLE TURNTABLE UPGRADE By David Thomson ~ Last night, I heard an album that I’ve been listening to for years, for the very first time. Sure, I thought that I had heard it, but there it was, in all its finery, with all i...
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F report Card

Record Grading Gets an F

SUBJECTIVE GRADING OF USED LPs IS IN NEED OF A MAJOR REVISION by David Lancon All the records are in very good condition,” says the yard sale seller before telling me the price of the LPs. As I pull my possible purchases from...
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What kind of man reads Record Collector News?

Many, many, and even more many thank you’s to Keith Richards as he boosted our exposure by posting the RCN picture on his website. The timing suggests that this shot was taken on the Rolling Stone bus on the ...
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Ugly Things Magazine

“Ugly Things” Turns 30

Celebrating The Magazine’s Birthday Bash At San Diego’s Casbah With Love Revisited by Jason Tryp t’s an early Saturday, late May (25th) morning. I’m starting my shift half asleep at work, it’s 4am folks and the only t...
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Pearl Jam Record Shopping

Seattle’s Music Mecca

GEORGETOWN RECORDS IS AT THE CENTER OF THE NORTHWEST’S MUSIC AND COMIC SCENE by John Ohannesian Georgetown, Seattle, Washington. A small business and residential area in a vast sea of industrial buildings and trucks, rail...
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