Captain Payne

The Cable Guy

Meet Audio Envy’s Captain Payne By David Thomson Move over Jim Carrey, there’s a new audio cable guy out there who will happily hook you up at a value so affordable that it would be sacrilegious to your music, never min...
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Cleveland Folklore

Once thought lost, a lone recording of Cleveland, Ohio’s The Schwartz-Fox Blues Crusade, has now been found and released “As I grew to love the blues, I wanted to try to see if we could come up with something worthy...
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What kind of man reads Record Collector News?

Many, many, and even more many thank you’s to Keith Richards as he boosted our exposure by posting the RCN picture on his website. The timing suggests that this shot was taken on the Rolling Stone bus on the ...
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The Oracle ReAnimated

It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune to Upgrade Your Turntable By David Thomson Getting the best out of my vinyl is my goal. The better my system gets, more information is revealed or, since my recent Oracle Delphi turntable...
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Oscar Pettiford

Oscar Pettiford in Germany

KEEPING TIME WITH OSCAR PETTIFORD by Armand Lewis ~ During the swing era, the bass was rarely prominent in either performance or recording. Used almost exclusively to “keep time” and to maintain the rhythmic foundation behi...
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Oracle Turntable

Divine Revelation

THE ORACLE TURNTABLE UPGRADE By David Thomson ~ Last night, I heard an album that I’ve been listening to for years, for the very first time. Sure, I thought that I had heard it, but there it was, in all its finery, with all i...
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Cardinal Fuzz

2013: The Year of Fuzz

THIS REISSUE OF A CLASSIC RECORDING IS SOMETHING TO GET JAZZED ABOUT by Lance Barresi ~ While everyone else was talking Miley Cyrus this year, we here at Permanent were talking fuzz! Not the peach stuff on your bratty nephew’...
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Morrissey: Singular Triumph

PORTRAIT OF THE SOLO ARTIST AS A YOUNG MAN By Elizabeth Street ~ Upon the departure of guitarist Johnny Marr just weeks before the release of, Strangeways Here We Come, The Smiths called it a day at the height of their populari...
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The Smiths

The Smiths and Morrissey

A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO COLLECTING By Raymond Elliot ~  The 1986 Smiths’ album, The Queen Is Dead is the “greatest album of all time,” according to the October 2013 issue of Britain’s NME magazine, in their list of The To...
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