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November 17, 2020

How RSD saved the record stores

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By Jim Kaplan

understand that not everyone is going to be into Zappa. But I hope you’ll find a way to see the new Zappa documentary by Alex Winter. I swear it’s the best Zappa thing I’ve ever seen. Frank died young. He wasn’t done yet. Music was still pouring out of him. Director Alex Winter had me slobbering, crying and snotting all over myself at the loss. Even celebrating the 50-plus records Frank released in his lifetime had me snotting. I don’t want to oversell this documentary but I don’t think I can.

Speaking of Records

The Charles Lloyd – 8: Kindred Spirits (Live from The Lobero) LP is one of my favorites so far this year. I was thinking we should start a column pairing records with booze and weed — what to drink and or smoke with what record. This Charles Lloyd record is a perfect starter. Listening to it is like taking a flight anyway. I suggest an Indica-dominant hybrid. Nothing too heavy though. You want to stay awake for all three sides of this well-recorded live show.

Ti_5_Black_3_4-1-878x900 copyI’m listening to  Charles Lloyd using a Schiit Aegir class A 20 watt amp and Legacy Classic speakers and a with a pair of REL T/5i subwoofers. Happy ears. Please let us know your favorite libation while listening to specific records at and tell us what equipment you have too.

Record Store Day Saved the Record Store

I have to admit I had no idea how Record Store Day was going to pan out this year since there was no April event. In the words of the philosopher Garth from Wayne’s World, “We fear change.” But dropping records monthly worked out just fine. I hope they go 6-times next year, minimum. Without a doubt, Record Store Day’s strategy of adapting to more drops is the economic shot our record stores needed. Well done RSD. Nice to see something work out.


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