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February 7, 2019

2019, from Burger  Records to The Band



I hope your 2019 is filled with music and records you love.

We moved RCN World Head-quarters over the holidays. Not far; it’s just 15 minutes down the road. It took a full month though. Boy are my arms tired. I collect records. And turntables. (I might have a turntable fetish). My wife, Sheri, collects everything else. Everything brings her joy. Which is lucky for me, I guess…

First thing I did in the new place was set up a sound system. Things sound pretty good! That brings me joy. Makes me feel
at home.


BURGER RECORDS IS BLASTING out some great music this year including Robert Johnson’s I’m Alive with fantastic artwork by Alan Aldridge, some straight up dreamy goodness on the new album from The Smoking Trees, The Adventure Continues…, and the new Part Time album Spell #6 with “I Can Treat You Better” featuring Ariel Pink. Pink’s been featured on DamFunk’s Spotify Playlist and a couple times on Pitchfork’s Best New Songs!

Plus, Burger Revolution will return for a 7th year in a row on Saturday, March 9. Burger Revolution is Burger Records coordinated live music event. Not limited to Burger artists, the event is an opportunity for any band or musician, anywhere to hold an event promoted to a global audience under the Burger Revolution name. The yearly event also features mass album listening parties where shows are not possible.

All Revolution participants are responsible for booking and setting up their own show. There are no age restrictions for participation, and registration to be a part of the Revolution is free. Bands, musicians, venues, and listening party hosts can sign up to participate in the event now at

In 2018 more than 100 shows in 18 states, and over 20 countries on 5 continents were held under the Burger Revolution banner and 2019 is expected to be the largest year yet. “We have already seen an incredible response to Revolution this year and it’s really exciting where this event is going this year” said Burger co-founder Sean Bohrman. “We have some amazing things planned for 2019 that we’ll be sharing soon, so
look out!”

Bands, musicians, and Revolution hosts can sign up to participate in Burger Revolution at

For more information on Burger Revolution, contact Sean Bohrman at

Burger is a great label and every one of their releases is essential. Work it, Burgers.

the-bandTHE BAND

HARVEY KUBERNIK, OUR RESIdent wordsmith and music historian, and author of 15 books, just wrote, along with his brother Kenneth, the wonderful book The Story of The Band From Big Pink to The Last Waltz.

This is yet another awesome Kubernik literary item for your book shelf or coffee table display. Paste magazine and Best Classic Rock listed it in their Best Music Books of 2018. It follows Harvey’s delightful books on The Doors, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young and his awe-inspiring studies of the music from Laurel Canyon and the world of Los Angeles radio 1956-1972.

You think you know a lot about The Band? Learn even more about them in these pages.

Harvey went deep into his 50-year archive and delivered little-known and previously unpublished interviews he conducted with Robbie Robertson and Rick Danko of The Band, along with observations and reflections he gleaned from Jerry Garcia, Andrew Loog Oldham, D.A. Pennebaker, Mike Stoller, Jack Nitzsche, Denny Bruce, Gene Augilera, Celeste Goyer, Dr. James Cushing, Michael Hacker, Paul Body, William Scheele, as well as Brian Auger and Jack De Johnette.

The multi-voice narrative text is illuminating. Lushly illustrated with a trove of mind-blowing photographs and memorabilia, The Story of The Band From Big Pink to The Last Waltz is the ultimate book for all fans of
The Band.

Happy listening.


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