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December 4, 2018

Birds, Vinyl and Things You Still Can’t Hack

capt beefheart_raven

I almost got hacked on Amazon the other day. I got an email from something that really looked like Amazon Prime. The graphics were co convincing I almost clicked on it. Disaster avoided but it was close this time. Hacked to pieces I would have been. The internet is a scary place. With webs and hacking and nefarious shit on the other side of every amazing thing it offers.

After ten years, I still get all goose bumpy when I publish a print version of Record Collector News. It’s a thing. It exists in what the kids used to call the meat space. It cannot be hacked. It is what it is. Ass blemishes and all. Inky and stinky at first. And if you add water, it makes its own sauce.

I had a pet raven named Lou who couldn’t fly. A few pages of RCN spread out fit neatly at the bottom of his cage. Smart bird those ravens. Loved to read. Big Zappa fan.

legacy classic_kThe point is, publishing RCN for the past ten years; smart ravens; having your digital life hacked; turning into sauce and getting crapped on; what the hell’s the difference when you’re completely lost down some rabbit hole listening to vinyl records that move you on a hi-fi system you love?

For me it’s the Zesto Audio Andros 1.2 phono stage, WyWires phono cable, Merrill Williams REAL 1.2 turntable, assorted Ortofon and Hana cartridges, PrimaLuna tube amp and preamp and my beloved Legacy Classic speakers. Yes, it’s worth more than double the price of my car and my wife’s car put together. But that still isn’t going to get me much of a new car. So, decision made. I love my beater of a car and I love my stereo. It makes my records sound amazing.

Happy Christmas, Merry Hanukah, here’s to the best 2019 ever!



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