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October 31, 2018

Citadel Records: Looking for a Preservationist

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Record Collector News magazine readers are familiar with Carol Schofield, the current owner of a record label, MsMusic Productions, and former proprietor of Foothill Records, a required stop in the La Canada Flintridge area during 13 years when she owned the store.

Foothill Records was a shop that housed cool collectibles, rare records, all done with Schofield’s unique pricing practice that usually satisfied consumer needs.

Carol’s former music venue and record label have had an active relationship with Record Collector News magazine. Our staff have profiled her during the last decade, and been involved with her in various capacities in advertising, editorial, retail record releases and book endeavors.

“To begin this profile it’s important to clarify Foothill Records the store closed in 2013 only due to the relationship and partnership breakup prior to its closing. And having to move to my Templeton home in the central coast, the commute was challenging,” she volunteered.

After Foothill Records ceased operating, Carol also made some decisions on her record labels.

“After that point I was winding down Foothill Records, and still operating MsMusic Productions, Citadel Records which became solely an online form.

“So no my decision and interest in selling the Citadel inventory catalog is something I’ve wanted to do for three or four years now, and what that represents is a buyer simply buying all the CD titles which are movie soundtracks and classical titles, and of course acquiring ownership of company.”

Schofield also has some concrete reasons for seeking a new owner with a vision that can continue the mission of Citadel.

“Citadel has been around over 30 plus years, and deserves a person or persons that will re-develop it into a next phase music company that it deserves to be preserved.

“MsMusic Productions on the other hand, my main primary goal is liquidating existing catalog titles of inventory in order to pave the way for new directions, and implementing a fresh website presence utilizing a Word Press design. “Word Press designer Needed!”

Carol’s reasons for relocating to a desert area from the central coast were “primarily a choice of economics.”

Schofield and MsMusic over the years licensed and sold limited-edition 180-gram vinyl LP’s, including Donovan Storyteller, Deep Purple Live on the BBC and a very popular item, the Gene Moore Carnival of Souls soundtrack album, Link Wray and John Lee Hooker were also in that series.

Over the last few years there have been well-received MsMusic Productions albums on CD and vinyl focusing on songwriter and poet, Stephen J. Kalinich, California Feeling featuring Carnie & Wendy Wilson, The Honeys, Rachel and the Reindeerz, Carl B. Wilson, David Marks, and Kalinich as well as David Marks and Friends Live on Sunset 2010. The label released the last album by influential songwriter and singer PF Sloan, My Beethoven, and an album of Kalinich and Jon Tiven, Each Soul Has a Voice. Keyboardist and composer Don Preston’s The Gary Plays is currently on
CD format.

In mulling over her new life and plans for 2019, Carol is also making available some very enticing items from her poster and memorabilia collection.

“Regarding the poster and memorabilia collections and personal music collection, the poster collection are framed and unframed and the time has come to liquidate. Classic rock, film posters framed as well decals, back stage passes, rock band promo glossy pics, etc. My personal collection is still
being assessed.”


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