September 6, 2018

The Seeds Pushin’ Too Hard Film and Concert


ON SEPTEMBER 16TH at The Regent Theater in downtown Los Angeles, Spaceland will present, “A Flower Power-Packed Night Of Psychedelic Rock! “

Love and The Seeds, two iconic L.A. bands will perform live along with a screening of the critically acclaimed documentary, The Seeds: Pushin’ Too Hard, directed by Neil Norman.

After the screening, filmmaker and GNP Crescendo Records owner Norman will hold a Q. and A.

“I’ve been having fun since I theatrically released The Seeds: Pushin’ Too Hard which has had a lot of successful engagements,” offers director and producer, Neil Norman.

“Two of my favorite bands since I was a kid in the mid- and late-sixties were Love and The Seeds. So these two bands and the movie are a dynamite combination. Johnny Echols of Love is featured in the rockumentary. And Johnny was a major contributor to the repertoire of Love. Arthur Lee gets a lot of credits, which he deserves, but Johnny Echols was just as important in the band.

“As for the event we’re doing at The Regent Theater, I knew it was time to revisit L.A. The film premiered at The Egyptian Theater in Hollywood in 2015 and was a sellout.

“So I thought, Love and The Seeds, plus the movie, would be a terrific package. I suggested it to the people at Spaceland, and to Bruce Duff, who was instrumental. Years ago he booked The Seeds at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood. I knew Spaceland did good work and we locked in the date for September 16th.

“We’ve just done Grass Valley, San Jose and a few other gigs and were successful. After you see this movie you will be further educated about the monumental Hollywood rock scene from 1965-1968. Love and The Seeds, along with a half a dozen other music groups, helped define the sound of Southern California.

“I really love the mixed-media event collaboration,” Neil explains. “After showing the movie across the United States the last few years, from Toronto to Boston to Pittsburgh it’s so fun to realize that some of the art these bands did — as well as my movie — had an effect on people and they really enjoyed it.

“Because of this movie, fans and viewers have a better understanding of the late singer and songwriter Sky Saxon,” Norman underscores. “People are curious about the music of the Seeds as well as the music and record business of the sixties. There’s a lot of questions about Sky, but over the last couple of years, the musicians at the screenings want to know a lot more about [keyboardist/arranger] Daryl Hooper and [guitarist] Jan Savage, too. The hardcore record collectors ask about drummer Rick Andridge.

“The new lead singer of The Seeds is Paul Kopf. He’s wonderful. He plays a lot of music with Alec Palao, who is also in this new Seeds’ lineup. Paul acknowledges the stage antics of Sky but has his own thing, too. He’s not trying to copy Sky.

“There are a half a dozen tracks from their catalog that people always mention to me. At the GNP Crescendo label we’ve done some beautiful reissues implementing extensive liner notes written by Alec Palao with many photographs.

Regent Theater, 448 S. Main Street, L.A.; Sept. 16, at 7pm. For tickets:


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