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March 23, 2017

A Man and his Fozgometer



5-foot fall from the fireplace mantle onto the brick hearth was too much for my beloved Fozgometer. I broke it the same day the Dynavector 20Xl and the Ortofon Cadenza Blue cartridges showed up. Bad timing.

I could regale you with tales of all the hours of fun I had attempting to dial in the azimuth on these awesome cartridges by ear. But I won’t because my ear is turned-on by crazy sounding shit almost as much as it likes a beautifully dialed-in cartridge.

What I want you to know is that within ten minutes of getting my Fozgometer back I had the azimuth set and crosstalk to a minimum. Things were sounding really good. There was peace and equilibrium in the world again. Fozgomoters are not inexpensive costing $300 at And you might not need to use it very often. So my suggestion is to go in on one with two of your hi-fi buddies. Between the three of you, you’ll be surprised at how indispensible a Fozgometer is and how glad you are to have one. I use mine with Analog Productions Ultimate Test Record side one, track two and three that are 1K reference level left and 1K reference
level right.

resistance-radio copy

The Man in the High Castle

In the BEST Promotional Material Ever category, The Man in the High Castle.


Sam Cohen by Shawn Brackbill


Sharon Van Etten by Weekly Dig

The packaging is fantastic. It’s like getting a package from a past dystopian America circa 1962 that Philip K. Dick imagined in his novel turned into TV Series on Amazon Prime. From the outer cardboard box with the stamped warnings about listening to subversive materials to the German on the front it’s weird. Inside the box it gets pretty authentic, almost desperate.

This packaging works. Pretty creepy. It really does work. And it’s backed up by an even bigger surprise. The music is fantastic. Produced by Sam Cohen and Danger Mouse the 7-inch Resistance Radio: The Man In The High Castle includes  “The End of the World,” performed by Sharon Van Etten and “The House of the Rising Sun,” performed by Sam Cohen. I cannot wait for the LP to come out. Join the resistance at! And stream The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime.


There will be over 125 listening rooms at AXPONA.

High End Audio in Chicago April 21-23

The Record Collector News Editorial and Video Teams will be covering the AXPONA (Audio Expo North America) the largest consumer audio show in the US promises to be an audio extravaganza. There will be over 125 listening rooms to just sit, listen and compare the finest audio equipment in the world. From entry-level novice to complete audio-fool, there will be something for everyone. for more info.


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