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July 8, 2016

Fancy CDs and Mountain Highs



CD Collector News

Here’s a little something we should keep just between us. I don’t really want the word to get out because there is inefficiency in the market that we can exploit right now. But we gotta be cool.

You know how CDs are dead? Yeah, well, if you’re into the music more than the format, CDs are as cheap as polka records right now and a great buy. I’m happy to pay for a ton of great music I can listen to on the freeway — or on the CD player in the big system in the living room. Or burn.

jefferson-airplane-the-cd-vinyl-replica-collection-boxset-Anyway, Culture Factory USA reissues compact discs in limited editions for us collectors and they sent me three CDs to review. Jefferson Airplane, 30 Seconds Over Winterland, Hot Tuna, Phosphorescent Rat and James Brown and the James Brown Band, Ain’t it Funky. (Answer – yes it is James, it certainly is funky) Three great titles from my early ’70s, late teenage era. I have original copies of the Hot Tuna and Airplane titles on vinyl. But not on CD.

So what’s the deal with these alleged fancy shmancy CDs? It’s not just the deluxe original album packaging including inner sleeves. It’s not just the original label printed on the black vinyl looking CD. It’s not just the GREAT SOUND. It’s everything put together. They did such a good job on each individual aspect of production that when you put it all together the synergy of one plus one plus one equals WOW. If you go to and find any titles that interest you, buy them. They’re CDs the way CDs should have been produced and manufactured all along. I LIKE them. I want to collect them. Because they’re worth collecting. Oh, and they pick great titles. Titles with balls. And I mean that in the most politically correct… fuck it. These titles rock. Go to You’ll see.

Not Going for the Weed


Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Director, Marjorie Baumert

We’re super excited here at RCN World HQ as we make preparations to go to Colorado to attend the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest October 7–9 in Denver at the Marriott Tech Center.

I’m really looking forward to listening to favorites such as VTL and PS Audio as well as the new discoveries sure to be out there. Regional audio shows such as The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, AXPONA and THE Show Newport are becoming more important, more fun and attracting more non-audiophile types. That’s why the RCN Audio Show Coverage Unit will be out in full force. You can expect massive coverage in these pages. Unless I do what I usually do at audio shows. Have way too much fun-listening time. Not enough taking-notes work time.

colorado-proudIs recreational weed usage legal there? I’ve heard about that. Recreational huh? I guess you can expect a brief synopsis and one or two decent semi made-up stories. But a good time shall be had for sure.


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