September 9, 2015

Adventures with eBay


EBay, Oy Vay

I don’t do much business on eBay… and now I know why. So, just to see what’s going on I listed two records. While I was there, I bought a record. Something I could have purchased from any number of major online retailers or had my local brick and mortar store order for me.

The record I purchased never showed up because the seller went out of business right after taking my PayPal payment. A month later, after jumping through a few, fairly simple hoops, I got my money back.

The first record I listed online, for $1.98 didn’t sell. The second, sold for twelve bucks or so. I know for sure I could have gotten $9, or so, in trade for that record at one of my favorite record stores. So, were my efforts, time, etc., worth $3 or $4 bucks?

Oh, wait, there’s more. I got an email from the guy who bought my album telling me that the record had sliced through the album cover and I should always ship records outside the album cover: Live and learn.

As I said, I don’t sell records online very often. That guy was right — tho,’ he might have asked me to ship the record outside of the cover when he paid, as opposed to after the fact. I would have followed his instructions. Anyway, so now I’m an expert at filing a complaint with eBay/PayPal and record packaging and shipment. Plus, I made a total of $3 more than I would have if I had gone into my local brick and mortar record store, traded them in, cracked some jokes with whoever is listening and, grabbed some more vinyl to bring home. Fuck it. My records go to the stores that give fair value for trade-ins from now on.

“This Ain’t No Mouse Music” on Netflix

Chris Strachwitz

Chris Strachwitz

The Blues led me to Cajun music. And, Cajun music led me to appreciate Arhoolie Records and the dedication of owner, Chris Strachwitz.

Originally known for just grabbing a mic and capturing the raw essence of a performer, Chris is now a “heavyweight” in the field of Southern roots music. So, when I stumbled into a record store called Down Home Music in El Cerrito, near Berkeley, I was intrigued to find that it was the home of Arhoolie Records.

Right away, I knew that I didn’t know the whole Arhoolie story and was captivated when I discovered, “This Ain’t No Mouse Music” on NETFLIX. It’s a really enlightening, and entertaining, tell-all documentary directed by Maureen Gosling and Christopher Simon and…a MUST SEE!

We need more music lovers like Mr. Strachwitz who follow their passion: Happy to see him celebrated this way.
Anyone ever hear whether Dolly Parton ever covered Frank Zappa’s country classic “Harder Than Your Husband?”


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