June 28, 2015

What kind of man reads Record Collector News?

Many, many, and even more many thank you’s to Keith Richards as he boosted our exposure by posting the RCN picture on his website.

The timing suggests that this shot was taken on the Rolling Stone bus on the way from LA to San Diego as the “Greatest Rock And Roll Band in The World” started their crowd thrilling Zip Code Tour.

My Tuesday, before the T.H.E. Show Newport Beach high-end audio convention, was highlighted by Stereophile Magazine Senior Editor and Editor Michael Fremer and I touring record stores in Los Angeles.

I thought we could hit about 10. Mike showed up on time and we were off to a pretty good start but, I neglected to factor in that Michael has a serious vinyl habit: The guy had me scrounging at thrift stores. This was not on the list. If we were doing this on the weekend, he would have had us stopping at garage sales–that, we have in common!

Thanks to his hand-held GoPro video camera, there are over one hundred minutes of footage of us plowing through some seriously interesting Eastside record store bins viewable at It’s a four part “series.” Maybe, you browse these stores, too.

Richard Beers, promoter of T.H.E. Show Newport Beach and Bob Levy, President of the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society, had their greatest event ever with attendance soaring by about 20 percent at the new HOTEL IRVINE location.

For me, T.H.E. Show is three days of getting my mind blown by auditioning my vinyl on astonishing high-end audio equipment; Not exactly hard work.

Perennial favorite Zesto Audio–their tasty Andros 2 phono stage is now part of the “reference” set up at RCN World HQ–teamed up with TAD and the ever-present WyWires again. Their extraordinarily sounding room is always brimming with attendees.

Gary, at Hi5 Audio’s, triple Magnepan, “Maggie,” soundstage got my attention as did the “Best Pot” teaser. The latter turned out to be the Madison Fielding Planter Speakers. So, that curious query was answered quickly.

And, lastly, it was interesting to notice that reel-to-reel tape is in resurgence. Tape sounds even more “open” than vinyl. Dangerous Analog has invested deeply with their complete analog, live in the studio recordings. Check ‘em out at

Happy summer listening.


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