March 26, 2015

The ESP Cello


A New Reference In Stand-Mount Speakers

Do you remember the ESP Concert Grand SI, designed by legendary speaker designer Sean McCaughan? We do! To this day ESP remains a reference speaker to many who know them. Apparently Sean McCaughan is back in the states and he has not been idle. At RMAF, he told us that he has dramatically changed two existing models, the Bodhrans and the Concert Grand SI and created three new speakers and a complete line of cables.

We heard the ESP Cello — a gorgeous 2-way stand-mount in Indian Applewood. After listening, it quickly reminded one of how good ESP speakers are. The Cello does not come cheap, but then great world-class speakers never do. The Cello offers people without big rooms or really deep wallets the ability to get an ESP speaker in a stand-mount version. It’s the kind of speaker that makes you forget about time and chores by evoking powerful emotions and simply reproduces music as it was meant to sound. For those needing full bass extension, a separate bass module, Bassoon, can be bought. It fits under the Cello, eliminating the need for stands (see pictures).

You owe it to yourself to listen to the Cello. The ESP Cello sets a new standard in stand-mount speakers! We found the ESP Cello to have a lush and rich, yet natural and accurate midrange. It’s musical and evocative with harmonic balance throughout the frequency range, without causing any listener fatigue. Which makes us wonder at just how amazing the bigger ESP models must be. Wildly recommended!

Mr. McCaughan hinted he might bring the ESP Cello to the T.H.E. Show, Newport 2015.
ESP Cello: $11,995 ($12,995 with ESP stands). Four other models exist. US distributor:


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