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March 26, 2015

Has RSD become Corporate Record Label Day?


Christmas In April

recordstorebookSaturday, April 18, Record Store day, is the best thing that has happened to independent record stores in the last 8 years. Ok, Adele sold a lot of records, which was great but…the word from record store owners is that sales were better when there were fewer releases. Yet, they can be assured of one of their busiest days of the year.

Suggestion. Get an extra cash register for the weekend. Hire some extra help and quit complaining that the records wind up on eBay that night. And, of course, have a bitchn’ time.

The Record Store Book — Signed!

Don’t miss Mike Spitz and Rebecca Villaneda signing their unbelievably beautiful, superb coffee table book of Los Angeles Record Stores beautifully shot (on film) by Mike with descriptions by Rebecca at Jacknife Records and Tapes, 3149 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, at 11am on Record Store Day. If you miss them at Jacknife, catch them at 2pm at Record Parlour, 6408 Selma Ave., Hollywood and the following weekend, Saturday, April 25th at Rockaway Records, 2395 Glendale Blvd., L.A. You want this book; It’s destined to be a classic.

Recent Records

dylanI have to admit it took my ears more than one listen for me to “get” Bob Dylan’s “Shadows in the Night” on Columbia. When I first heard the first track, “The Night We Called it A Day,” I thought to myself maybe, it’s time for Bob to call it a day. (I just couldn’t resist using that line. Sorry) I couldn’t get through the first side. Then I thought, “It’s Bob!” Sometimes Dylan drops a record and he doesn’t drop it right into my lap. Sometimes, it’s up to me to stretch my ears to get it so, I gave it another spin.

The second time, I didn’t hear it the same way. Instead of Bob’s voice I found myself listening to the sound of the emotion in his voice. It’s as if he traded a pleasant melody for heart wrenching authenticity. From then on, the album just got deeper and deeper for me. Now, I’m completely sucked in. I’ve got it in the car, on the turntable and, on the phone. I sing along…when I’m alone; you wouldn’t want two of us trying to find the key now, would you?

The musicianship is as compelling as ever yet, its Bobs interpretation of the songs that keeps me coming back. Something as unique and precious as Bob Dylan don’t need no auto-tune. In my humble, somewhat informed, completely biased opinion, this is up there with his best. Gimme more, Bob.

D’Angelo and the Vanguard’s Black Messiah? That’s Right!

DANGELOI was blown away when I saw D’Angelo perform on TV on the Grammys. So much so that I had to go out and buy his new record: D’Angelo and the Vanguard’s Black Messiah on RCA.

I’m not disappointed. From Prince to D’Angelo, R&B is in fine shape. This guy cooks, rocks — is a real musician — and, the vinyl sounds stunning on the RCN World HQ reference audio system (Clearaudio Performance Turntable with Clearaudio Ebony MM cartridge and Zesto Andros 1.2 Phonostage, Jolida 801a integrated amp, WyWires speaker cable and Theil 2.3 speakers). Check it out!

Staying in the Groove

It must have been 1967 or ‘68, when the needle didn’t track and I Scotch-taped quarters onto the top of the cartridge to hold it in the groove. It seemed to do the job on my parents Magnavox console stereo. Now, I know that the jerry-rigged cure was slowly carving through my awesome, original vinyl. I don’t recall how many records we used to stack at a time on the auto-changer. 5? 10? That also helped to imperceptibly damage them as they ground against each other.

Today, when I see people purchase $30 records to play on $90 record players, I have to remember, I screwed up my share of records so why shouldn’t they?

Hope to see you at THE Show Newport May 28-31.
Happy listening.


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