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March 26, 2015

“Captain” Kirk Ferraioli

Kirk Ferraioli

“Captain” Kirk Ferraioli | 1953-2015

The recording indus-try is mourning the death of “Captain” Kirk Ferraioli .

Kirk Ferraioli was an icon amongst old school recording engineers and musicians as well – and he recorded them all. Starting at A&M records in the early 1970s, Kirk recorded four-decades of recording artists at studios such as Walley Heiders, the Hit Factory and most recently, his own New York studio, Apple Recorders.

From working with Phil Spector, to recording Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Tony Bennett, Gladys Knight, Keith Richards and countless other artists, Kirk’s extraordinary talent and friendly disposition, were sought after industry wide.

As music historian and author, Harvey Kubernik had said, “He was there!

Kirk is survived by Bianca, his devoted wife of 26 years and his Mother, Elda.


  1. Sean Coffey

    Rest in Peace Brother. You’ll be sorely missed.

  2. Bob Kushner

    It’s difficult to comment about the loss of a real friend. A friend of over forty years. More like a brother actually. Kirk was cool; the coolest, and talented, really talented. He did live his life the way he wanted to and for that, well lets just say, that was a good thing. He created music his way and that was the essence of Kirk’s life. God I miss our nightly phone conversations.
    His stories about the countless industry people he had encountered in his career as well as people we grew up knowing, liking and even disliking. Rest in Peace brother.

  3. Jorge Torres

    I knew Kirk in the 60s. We grew up with famous TV producer Allen Digoia, and famous Dr Timothy Huston. We had lots of fun going to the beach and concerts. Sorry about his passing , but obviously God needed a great sound engineer. My sympathy to wife and wonderful mom.

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