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January 23, 2015

T.H.E. Show: Coming to Newport Beach


Happy 2015 Everybody

This year is starting out to be our best ever here at RCN World Headquarters. I say this, course, because I moved my speakers from the long wall to the short wall.

Did you know speakers always sound best when placed on the short wall? What a difference! Detail. Bass. Soundstage: All noticeably better. It even sounds good in the freaking kitchen, two rooms away. I love zero cost improvements like this. Any noticeable, sonic improvement always thrills me!

T.H.E. Show Newport Beach, May 29–31

That’s why I’m so excited about the upcoming high-end audio convention, T.H.E. Show Newport Beach ( This year, it is moving to the luxurious Hotel Irvine. And, it’s now all under one roof! There will be everything from kick ass, entry-level audio to, “If you have to ask, you may have to sell your yacht.” So, block out some time during May 29–31.

Plus, there’s delish food, wine, cigars; an exotic car exhibit and, the best live music they’ve ever had. There’s vinyl for sale that’s curated just for the event — new and used. Last year, I listened to Frank Zappa’s One Size Fits All LP on $70,000 Martin Speakers in Dan Meinwald’s room.

When I walked in with a sack of records, Dan insisted on auditioning the Zappa. His choice surprised me as he was there to sell stereos and Frank just might clear the room. “Don’t worry about it,” Dan responded.

It amazed me; everyone sat, slack-jawed. No one moved for the entire side A. Later, many took pictures of the album cover and I pictured them making a beeline to their favorite used record store. As a rock steady Zappa fan, this was quite a thrill, people; FRANK LIVES. You, too, can cultivate that kind of relationship at T.H.E. Show; Exhibitors will, usually, play your “test” records and all you have to do is sit back and compare your system to theirs.


Patrick Campbell-Lyons has a new band: Patrick Campbell-Lyons, The founder of the Nirvana UK, and keeper of the British psych torch, has tripped around the world to land in Greece, where he formed GRASS, a new duo with Alex Spyropoulos. Their truly enjoyable EP is “It’s Always You In The Movies.” These psychedelic warriors are still tripping the light fantastic as is evidenced by the really trippy tunes on this EP. The song Human is the family favorite at RCN World HQ. The whole album has a peaceful groove enhanced by outstanding production: Four stars out of five. 250 copies, only, are available from VEA Music and Burger Records.

50,000 records for sale at Coachella

Alex Rodriguez of The Glass House Record Store in Pomona has just completed a 35-day, 10,000 plus mile road trip across the U.S. buying records for this year’s Coachella pop-up store with an inventory of 50,000 records. So, is this the largest festival record store ever? Probably. Check it out.


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