January 23, 2015

Danish Designed


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Danish high-end audio manufacturer GamuT does things differently and apparently that works. GamuT’s entry level integrated amp, the Di150 is a true dual mono, from input to output stage and with a modestly stated 180 watts in 8ohms. But more importantly it uses only one huge, industrial strength Mosfet for each channel in the output stage. Conventional solid-state amps use many output transistors. But it is GamuT’s contention that it’s impossible to perfectly match several transistors, resulting in added distortion. Using only one Mosfet eliminates that discord and after listening to the Di150 we agree.

Basically the Di150 combines the GamuT D200 power amp and D3i pre-amp inside one non-magnetic steel chassis with a thick aluminum faceplate, but with slightly less watts and keeping it very close to the same ultra high performance as the two box solution, but for $10K less. Spending close to $12K is hardly cheap, but if you can swing it, you will be rewarded with ultra high-end looks and sound quality. It comes equipped with two balanced inputs and four unbalanced, a remote and a bypass HTH switch, allowing you to use is as a power amp with a surround sound processor.

The Di150 is an incredible detailed and fast amp, capable of delivering the full spectrum of micro-dynamic details, from the deepest bass to the highest overtone, without ever loosing it’s tight grip on the soundstage. Lots of transparency and dynamics, making listening a joy without any listening fatigue. A world-class amp that will continue to rock your world.


GamuT Di150 Dual Mono Integrated amplifier: $11,990. U.S. distributor online at:


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