July 3, 2014

Pear Audio Blue Turntable


Extracting The Max From Your Grooves

Many music lovers’ most cherished albums are worn — making it vital to extract a maximum amount of infor-mation while keeping surface noise low. We heard one such turntable at T.H.E. Show in Newport. The Pear Audio Blue — Kid Thomas and Cornet 2 arm is one of those rare turntables able to extract an astounding amount of music from worn records. Yet it managed to keep surface noise extremely low.

Pear Audio Blue is the last design by the great turntable designer, Tom Fletcher of Nottingham Analogue. Fletcher designed Pear Audio Blue with his good friend Peter Mezek who hand-builds each model. According to their distributor, Pear Audio Blue is not a revolution, rather an evolution in Fetcher’s turn-table design. A slew of tiny yet vital improvements in design and materials to create a turntable totally in phase. One major improvement is a new plinth made from a unique wood Fletcher found to be sonically ideal.

PearAudioBlue©PeterUhan_0 3

Pear Audio Blue still employs the low torque motor started and stopped by hand. The motor stands separate from the plinth. With its solid wood plinth and massive 25 lbs., 2.5-inch platter the turntable looked stunning yet simple, without all the bling.

While listening, all the unwanted energy generated during replay vanished as if a veil had been lifted and all that was left was music — so much detail and clarity without highlighting any part. The Kid Thomas is as dynamic and musical a turntable as they come. A very “alive’ quality to its presentation that kept you wanting for more.

Pear Audio Blue will be at the California Audio Show. You should stop by and listen.


Pear Audio Blue – Kid Thomas/Cornet 2 arm, with optional power supply: $9995. Three smaller models exist. Cartridge: Ortofon Cadenze Bronze. U.S. distributor:


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