May 5, 2014

Larsen Speakers


larsen8_bigMost of us learned the hard way that correct speaker placement is half the battle. Yet still today most conventional speakers are designed to function best in anechoic chambers (rooms without sound reflections). But most of us in the real world live in rooms that have walls. To get optimal sound from conventional speakers demands precise placement far from the walls, followed by extensive sound treatment, such as absorbers and diffusers, leaving you with a narrow listening area and even less space to live in.

The Swedish Larsen 8 speakers, we heard at The Show in Vegas, are designed to eliminate early sound reflections be incorporating the listening room in their design process. The Larsen speaker has angled drivers flanked by absorption material and are designed to be placed against the front wall, all design innovations to eliminate early distorting sound reflexes, while taking the guess work out of placement. The speakers provided a wide listening area, with great sound in the off-center positions, allowing you to listen to music with your friends.

We found the Larsen’s sound to be very natural, musical and live like – and in a room without any sound treatment. The speaker vir-tually disappears visually and aud-ibly — leaving you with just the music. Very impressive sound!

Experience the Larsen speaker at THE NEWPORT SHOW May 30-June 1, 2014 in room 730 at the Hilton Hotel.

LARSEN 8 speakers: $6995. Two smaller models exists, starting at $1995.

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  1. Tim F

    I agree with the observations here on the Larsen loudspeakers, but then again, I may be a little bit biased. I have owned the smallest of the Larsen line, the Model 4 for almost a year and a half. The design as well as the sound is fantastic and must be heard to understand what this speaker is fully capable of. Easy to site, this speaker not only physically gets out of the due to its wall placement, but also it is visually small, yet with a very big and open sound.

    This speaker is detailed, the treble at times resembling a good electrostat, with bass that is very surprising for a cabinet of its size. Never overbearing or irritating, just great music, and a lot of fun to listen to. And the best part, no sweet spot, you can listen way off axis and get a very stable soundstage. Well recommended, and the distributors are very good people to deal with. Sorry if this sounds like a bit of a rave, because it is!


      I am thinking about getting a pair of Larsen’s. I am most concerned/ thinking about how they work with certain amps. I tend to prefer Solid State to Tubes. I want to have great bass, mid-range and treble and I tend to have long listening sessions. Also, I do not want/intend to spend more money on cables than the speaker itself.

      With that said, are these able to meet those criteria and provide great sound in your room?



  2. Timothy Frazeur

    Yes, the Larsen will do well with either tube or solid state. I typically use solid state myself, Naim amplification or Plinius integrated. The Plinius delivers higher power/current than the Naim, but the Larsen is pretty easy to drive for the most part.

    On the cables, I use Supra Classic 6, a very reasonable cable and is very good. Like most good speakers, better gear generally brings rewards, and I definately feel the speakers will not be the weak link for a long while, if at all.

    The main suggestion I will give to anyone coming from typical forward firing box speakers is to not make quick decisions, they definately give a different presentation, one that might take a bit of adjustment at first. Most make a too quick judgement and move on. Myself, I became hooked and cannot hardly listen to anything else. Worth getting a demo if you can.

  3. Robert

    For the “3D” sound character with Larsen or ESP speakers you may want to use Soulnote amplifiers without negative feedback. Not officially distributed in the US though

  4. Ivo

    I would really like to demo 6 and 8 soon as these speakers appear to be a winner for my wife’s requirements. Few questions though.

    1. I noticed in the back they are supposed to be bi- wired or bi-amped. Is there a significant loss if they are only bi-wired?
    2. Do the 8s have any room requirement in terms of size? I saw some youtube videos where 6s are placed in rather small room. Would 13×20 feet room be too small for 8s?
    3. As I don’t fully understand the technical concept, could you compare the bass with let’s dipole bass, please? What I like with dipoles is they interact with the room well and one can get clean, strong bass yet the walls are not shaking. Is 8s bass similar to boxed speakers bass or dipole or somewhere in between?
    4. I wish they invested few more bucks in the box. Something like Salk’s boxes would definitely get more wife’s approval (I am speaking about the edges where two surfaces meet, nothing about the shape).

    Thanks a lot!!!

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