March 20, 2014

Record Store Day 2014



by Lance Baresi~

On April 19, 2014 record lovers and eBay speculators will converge on brick and mortar record stores across the world to celebrate the seventh annual Record Store Day! By now, anyone reading this publication should be well aware of what Record Store Day (henceforth referred to as RSD) is all about. For the uninitiated, there’s a Wikipedia entry with all the details. Last year, I ranted a bit about the Record Store Day people’s policy against midnight sales, which is still in effect, but there’s no reason to go on a tirade like that twice. RSD does much more good than it does harm and as a record collector, label operator, and store owner, I’m always happy when the third Saturday in April rolls around again. It’s like the Christmas shopping season, all in one day!

One reason for this is the massive quantity of exclusive titles available for the first time ever on RSD. Historically, there’s been some goodies and this year is no different. Labels big and small always seem to come up with some exclusive releases that will get even the most jaded of Pavlov’s proverbial dogs drooling. Although, the official list of RSD 2014 releases won’t be published until after I submit this piece to my editor, I’ve gathered together some of the most exciting RSD exclusives. Because many of these records have yet to be released (even for promo), it’s tough to review them, per se, so I’ll simply include the title and a few details about them (in alphabetical order).

Bored GamesBored Games – Who Killed Colonel Mustard 12” EP
A year or two ago Captured Tracks landed the rights to Flying Nun’s back catalog and the vinyl reissue cam-paign continues on Record Store Day with this super rare 12” EP.

Bored Games’ sole EP is one of the best Kiwi punk records ever and it rarely surfaces in the wild, even down under.

Devo – Live At Max’s Kansas City LP
Jackpot Records must be honored to be the first label to release this legendary document on vinyl. This release needs no sales pitch, but remember: David Bowie called Devo “The band of the future!” and the future is now. Limited to 2000 copies.

Devo – Butch Devo and the Sundance Gig LP 
The second of two live Devo records for RSD 2014 is a picture disc and DVD combo pack. Butch Devo includes live versions of early Hardcore Devo material recorded in 1995.

Ex-Cult – Ties You Up 7”    
Exclusive version of the title track featuring Zumi Rosow of the K-Holes on sax. Ty Segall recorded this feral Memphis punk quintet and Goner is releasing it into the wild.

ChuckDFlaming Lips – 7 Skies H3 LP
Pressed to wax for the first time on clear vinyl, 7 Skies H3 is a 50-minute distillation of the 24-hour song recorded at Tarbox Road Studios in 2011.

Half Japanese – Volume #1:
1981-1987 3xLP
Fire Records knocked it out of the park with their reissue of Half Gentlemen Not Beasts for Record Store Day 2013 and they keep the torch lit with this triple LP set of Half Japanese catalog from 1981 through 1985. There’s a reason these guys are known as “The Band That Would Be King.” Get hip, there’s only 500 copies to go around.

Joy Division – An Ideal for Living 12”
The debut release by THE seminal British post-punk band has been reissued before but, apparently this time it’s been “re-imagined for 2014 with new beautiful new artwork and a crisp, fresh new master cut at Abbey Road…”

Record Store DayMilk N Cookies – Not Enough Girls / Nots 7”
Powerpop fans take note! Milk N Cookies is back on wax courtesy of a deluxe 3xLP reissue on Mike Sniper’s Captured Tracks label. To whet your appetite, the label is presenting this teaser single on April 19.

Pissed Jeans – The Very Best Of Sub Pop 2009-2013 Live At The BBC 12” EP”
Pissed Jeans are so cheeky! The title of this record is wacky, but I’m sure the tracks will be nothing but. Although Pissed Jean’s front man is weird like the second coming of David Yow, the band is a pummeling noise rock band worthy of Tom Hazelmyer praise. This comp of four of the band’s BBC live tracks and it’s limited to 3000 copies.

Rodion G.A. – Delta Space Mission LP
Last year, Strut’s release of The Lost Tapes by the Romanian electronic pioneer took the world by storm and ended up on a lot of year-end best-of lists, including mine. Rodion G.A. returns for RSD 2014 with a unreleased film soundtrack from 1983 that’ll surely melt minds if it’s anywhere near as good as The Lost Tapes.

sunra-300Sun Ra – Outer Spaceways Incorporated LP
Recorded in New York in 1968, this is Sun Ra at his furthest out. This limited vinyl reissue is long overdue and a must for interstellar jazzbos.

Various – Dunedin
Double LP
Captured Tracks hit a sweet spot by reissuing this rare compilation of tracks by classic New Zealand indie groups The Chills, The Verlaines, The Stones, and Sneaky Feeling. Originally released in 1982 and partially responsible for spreading the word about the Dunedin Sound, this 2xLP is a must for fans of jangly indie rock and Kiwi pop music of yore.

Various Artists – South Side Story
Numero Group never ceases to amaze. Fans of the Trenton Music Corporation’s legendary East Side Story compilations will recognize the motif homage and will also find a lot to love here musically. This Chicago-centric comp focuses on sweet soul from South Side.

the_velvet_underground-loaded-300Velvet Underground – Loaded LP    
VU’s final studio LP Loaded has been around on wax perpet-ually since it’s 1970 re-lease, but this limited pressing is on pink, white and black spattered vinyl. Who cares where Rolling Stone put ‘em on the 500 greatest albums of all time? This one’s a must own like the rest of the VU catalog.

Link Wray – Slinky / Rendezvous 7”
The Standells – Dirty Water / Twitchin’ 7”
The Litter – Action Woman / A Legal Matter 7”
Sundazed always comes up with some in-credible reissues for RSD. This year is no exception. Each of these boss singles has been lovingly repackaged for a new generation, or in the case of the Litter single, anyone who isn’t rolling in dough. The Standells and the Litter will be on colored vinyl and all three have beautiful picture sleeves.

link-wray-300And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are literally hundreds of exclusive RSD releases this year including many notable records I can’t mention here.

As usual, Permanent Records is offering up a couple of our very own RSD exclusives this year, but featuring them here would be a bit shameless. Check our site to find out about those. Most importantly mark your calendar for April 19 and get out to your local record store and show your support!


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