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March 20, 2014

News from Slovenia and Record Store Day



by Jim Kaplan~

Everything is changing in the world today. Sides have been chosen. Lines have been drawn (and redrawn) Voices are raised. Change like this brings as much fear, uncertainty and anger as hope. We’re all aware of the Blue vs. Red controversy. Gold vs. Black. Moving coil vs. Moving Magnet. I am referring of course to my decision to buy a new cartridge for my turntable. Scary as it was, the payoff is incredible. Getting a new cartridge is the cheapest way to upgrade your vinyl. It all sounds better on a new cartridge and it is something I encourage all of you to investigate, no matter how frightening the proposition. It really doesn’t matter which color your cartridge is. As long as you love it. So be like me. Go out, blow a few bucks on a new cartridge (Ortofon, one of our newest advertisers, has some of the best at every price.) Sneak the turntable out of the house so you can have the cartridge professionally mounted, which is way worth it, and then sneak it back in and you’ll be wearing a satisfied grin on your face just like me.

We received a letter from Brane Pegam, a fellow record collector in Slovenia (look it up). Brane was traveling in California and visited Vinyl Island in Morrow Bay where he found a copy of Record Collector News. “I am collecting vinyl records, books and magazines more than 40 years…by this email I turn on you, because I ask your HELP, I collect also old Rolling Stone magazines and I am looking for the following issues.

Rolling Stone NO: ? from December 4 1975 (Jack Nickolson on the cover) and Rolling Stone NO: 89 from August 19, 1971 (Keith Richards on the cover)” So we’re putting the word out for our Slovenian friend Brane. Contact

Burger Records has done an amazing job with the release of “Cult” The Young Persons Guide To Nirvana. Yes the original Nirvana. The sixties psych band from the UK. Fronted by our globetrotting friend, Patrick Campbell-Lyons. I just can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the quality of this double vinyl release. From the jacket, to the opaque vinyl they really put out an aesthetically pleasing record. This really is an example of great music done well on vinyl. The sound is fantastic. Patrick’s voice is always compelling but he really get’s inside your head on this record. Musically, Patrick and his co-conspirator Alex Spyropoulos, are tunesmiths of the first degree. Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time to take this really a beautiful trip down the late ‘60s English psych road. Highly recommended.

Stan “The Beatleman” Panenka has published The Standard Price Guide for American Beatles Records Second Edition. Stan’s guide has much more detail than most Beatles guides and the photos alone are worth the price of the book. You’d be hard pressed to find more rare Beatles memorabilia photos because Stan Panenka owns them all! Again, highly recommended. Order yours today (type in as one word) TheOfficialBeatlesRecord

Have fun on record store day. Get lots of sleep the night before and eat a good breakfast. Make sure you buy two used records for every new release and really support those record stores.

Happy 45th Anniversary to Music Millennium in Portland Oregon. Owner Terry Currier is one of the coolest cats ever in the world of vinyl and his store is among the most important on the west coast.

And hello to our new readers in New York City who have been getting RCN for a few issues now and a Hi-Dee-Ho to our new readers in Chicago who might be picking this rag up for the first time. The first one’s always free. If you know what I mean.

Also, for those of you who care, this issue of Record Collector News was produced 100% analog. Except for the website. Which is really cool and is the place to comment on whatever you read here in these inky pages.


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