July 6, 2013

The Doors Live At the Bowl

The Doors Live At The Hollywood Bowl 68

Doors Film/DVD

by Harvey Kubernik


Doors live 1968 concert from the Hollywood Bowl, Live at the Bowl ‘68,  is available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital Video from Eagle Rock Entertainment. A CD, Digital Audio, and double LP from the event was issued from Rhino.

The performance has been restored from original camera negatives and remixed and mastered using original multi-track tapes.

This Doors concert from July 5, 1968 is considered to be the band’s finest documentation on film. The group’s engineer Bruce Botnick has done a masterful job in this new restoration and an upgrade from previous video, DVD and laserdisc formats that have documented this regional experience.

“The Doors radiated a sexual heat that evoked ancient blood rituals,” suggests Dr. James Cushing, Professor of English and Literature at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and a DJ on KCPR-FM. “

“Morrison’s poetry formed one part of a larger theatre-music-performance that climaxed when tragic heroism blossomed up out of his intimate Freudian night-garden. The Doors’ first two records almost captured that dark bloom, and they retain great power to disturb us with their shadowy images of private life palpably heightened to the realm of myth. When the band performed they also had a jazz flexibility in their set lists. The 1967 Matrix Club repertoire and their Hollywood Bowl summer ‘68 concert are examples of that.”

LIVE AT THE BOWL ’68 includes three previously unreleased tracks from the performance. Technical issues with the recording of “Hello, I Love You,” “The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat),” and “Spanish Caravan” prevented them from being released in the past. Now, through meticulous restoration of the audio, all three are housed, marking the first time the concert has been available in its entirety.

Live at the Bowl ‘68 features a 16×9 high-definition digital transfer with both a stereo and 5.1 audio soundtrack as well as over an hour of bonus material. Integrated in the additional content are Echoes From The Bowl, The Doors’ route to the Hollywood Bowl; You Had To Be There, memories of The Doors’ performance at the Bowl; Reworking The Doors, an in-depth look at how the film was restored; and three bonus performances: “Wild Child” from The Smothers Brothers Show in 1968, “Light My Fire” from The Jonathan Winters Show in December 1967 and a version of Van Morrison’s “Gloria” with specially created visuals.

“As far as the Hollywood Bowl, it was amazing to be asked to play the Bowl,” offers Robby Krieger. “Growing up in Los Angeles and playing the Bowl must be like playing baseball in New York and playing Yankee stadium. We were really psyched! So much so that we actually rehearsed! [first time ever just for a gig] and we decided to capture the whole thing on film [and 8 track tape] normally, we would just wing it at gigs…We might discuss what to start with, 2 or three songs and then just go with the flow.

“Looking back,” adds Krieger, “the rehearsal may have been a mistake. I think it may have made things a bit unspontaneous, not a good thing when the Doors were supposed to be so wild and free, never knowing what might happen next….. Also the fact that Jim was peaking on acid was not in line with such a tightly controlled show… Check out the Granada film, Doors are Open…That was more of a spontaneous Doors show…Luckily, the footage from the Bowl looks great and we fixed up the missing songs, so we now have the complete show.”

Jeff Jampol, Doors manager and producer of the film said, “The Doors’ live performances were a shamanistic journey into dark rock and roll psychedelic theater — a swirling mixture of rock ‘n’ roll heat, poetry, danger, drama and unbridled musical virtuosity. Captured at the height of The Doors’ magical powers, in one of the world’s greatest venues, this brand new restoration, edit and mix, corny as it may sound, made me fall in love a hundred times, all over again.”

Geoff Kempin, executive producer for Eagle Rock reiterated. “The Doors were one of the most incredible live bands ever — we wanted to apply the top technology so that everyone can fully appreciate the phenomenon of The Doors captured at their height on 5 July 1968”.

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