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March 25, 2013

Fan Mail

Letters To The Editor


Dear RCN,
Is Record Store Day all that good for small independent record stores? Are the labels releasing too much material? Are the stores getting stuck with merchandise they can’t sell? Is Record Store Day becoming Record LABEL Day? I worry the labels are gonna “jump the shark”… hopefully that hasn’t happened already.
— Worried in Wilmington, CA

Dear Worried:
My Record Store Day advice is to buy two used records for every new special RSD-released record you buy. Independent record stores are still too precious and rare and we need to fully support them.

Buying used records is what truly supports an independent record store; the main reason is because the stores make a decent profit on used records and they make a much smaller profit on new records. It’s easy to not make very much money on RSD records. Without that decent profit: no more independent record store. Even with that decent profit it’s hard enough. So really CELEBRATE Record STORE Day and don’t miss out. Those used bins are where the real treasures are anyway.
Dear RCN,
How come you don’t list EVERY record store on your map for FREE? Wouldn’t it be more useful? What up?
— Notgna Payfrit, Freedom, CA

Dear Notgna,
If we gave every record store a free listing on the map, they would stop advertising with us. And record stores that advertise with us are what keep this wheel turning. Besides, it’s a free paper.

Dear RCN,
How come you guys have so many typos and mistakes in your rag?
— M. Webster, NY, NY

Dear M,
Think of our typos and mistakes as if we slipped into a little atonal music or free jazz or something. That’s what I do.


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