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October 12, 2012

A Bitchin’ Summer of Music


records-600pxWhat a bitchin’ sum-mer so far. Among other treasures, I recently found a copy of Frank Zappa’s Old Masters Volume Two and the dinero to purchase it. It fit right between volumes One and Three. Then I found a copy of You Can’t Do That On Stage Any More Volume 2, the Helsinki Concert – on vinyl. 3 record box. Holy shitinski this thing sounds good. Then I heard that The Zappa Family Trust made a deal with Universal to release the whole catalog again on CD. I bought a copy of Absolutely Free and a copy of Burnt Weeny Sandwich and brought them home to compare against the other, previous CD issues. Son of a bitch, they sound fantastic and are from different sources than the previous versions. I’m not saying you have to trade in your old CDs and upgrade to these new reissues. But I am. And if there’s anything missing from your Zappa collection now’s the time to fill those holes. There’s absolutely no extra tracks or shit never meant to be on there in the first place. I’ve just never heard Frank Zappa sound so good on CD and that’s good enough
for me.

With the plethora of record stores opening up in Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Atwater, Silver Lake and Echo Park areas of Los Angeles, its nice to see a couple of new stores open up on the west side. Specifically, Touch Vinyl at 1646 Sawtelle Blvd and Angel City Records and Books at 218 Pier Ave. in Santa Monica. Suddenly the west side is a destination for records. I mean it always was because of Record Surplus, but now you’ve got these two new beauties plus Record Surplus and Second Spin. I’d say get there pretty quick as these stores really make the west side all about vinyl again.

Our own Patrick Campbell-Lyons of Nirvana UK fame has released Cult on Global Recording Artists. Billed as “the Young Persons Guide to Nirvana”, it’s a wonderful romp through their amazing catalogue. Not to be missed by you Brit psych pop fans.

People get ready for lots of Cash. Columbia Legacy has released We Walk The Line: A celebration of the music of Johnny Cash, (CD and DVD) capturing the all star 80th birthday concert spectacular, as well as The Greatest Series, four new collections of The Number Ones (CD and DVD) The Greatest: Country Classics, The Greatest: Gospel Songs and The Greatest: Duets. Some day scholars will look back and wonder why there was such a cluster of genius in popular music in the 20th century. It’s becoming clear that Johnny Cash is a large part of that genius. Experience it now with these great collections.

Legacy Recordings has released The Hidden Treasures of Taj Mahal 1969-1973, a two-disc
collection of previously un-released studio and live per-formances. Taj Mahal is a treasure and this collection is an amazing jewel. Get it.

John Lee Hooker Cook With The Hook: Live 1974 documents Saturday, July 6, 1974, when John Lee Hooker was one of the star attractions at al all day festival called “Down in the Dumps” held at the city landfill area of the town of Gardner Massachusetts. We are super lucky that hookers performance was captured on a three camera shoot and broadcast on cable television in local cities and towns. The film is an amazing slice of Hooker and the amazingly bad edits are kind of endearing to the whole 1970’s cable access thing. Fans of Hooker and the blues are going to LOVE this DVD.

Folk Arts Rare Records in San Diego was 45 years old on July 31st. Still open every day at 2881 Adams Ave. Happy Birthday Lou Curtiss and Folk Arts Rare Records!!! Thank you for your service!

Light in the Attic 10th Anniversary Show at the El Ray Theatre in Los Angeles features headliner Rodriguez as well as our own Stephen John Kalinich. Not to be missed, Light in the Attic is a pretty damn important label and 10 years is a loooonnnnggggg time so congrats to Matt and Co. at Light in the Attic Records. And you don’t want to miss the chance to see Stevie Kalinich spread the word in person.

Peace and love,
Jim Kaplan


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